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This EXTREEEEMELY HANDSOME guy is CAPTAIN, and he was born with seriously deformed back legs. When he came to FURKIDS, he was a stinky, filthy, mess of a tom cat, but he made it clear that he was also a SERIOUS LOVERBOY! In fact, it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, when he met one of our staffers, who took him home as her medical foster.

Captain's situation was a MAJOR CHALLENGE. He was "walking" on his back elbows, and they were bloody and infected. Consultations with specialists brought wildly divergent treatment options to the table, ranging from a double amputation with titanium implants, to external braces. Furkids knew that if the implant option failed, there was nowhere to go, so,

CAPTAIN CHARTED A COURSE TO BRACES! The process was arduous...measurements, prototypes, molds...and it required LOTS of PATIENCE. It also depended on YOUR DONATIONS! Friends of Furkids were SO GENEROUS - and we were SO GRATEFUL when CAPTAIN GOT HIS NEW LEGS!

He was in a veterinary hospital for a month, under the care of Dr. Miller and his caring staff at Russell Ridge Animal Hospital. Captain had physical therapy, and procedures to minimize the breakdown of those back elbows. BUT CAPTAIN JUST WENT HOME!!!

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